Explore.Repeat.com’s Progress and Goals

Dear Friends,

Here are some quantitative examples of the current status of, and growth in popularity of my photography website http://www.explorerepeat.com. ExploreRepeat.com is housed on a WordPress.com platform and is automated to publish new posts on various forms of social media immediately to reach a broader audience.

The site has gained a temporary and permanent international audience that includes professional public and private photography and art curators and archivists, art critics, collectors, and heavily followed blog and website publishers.

If you are one of those people, thank you for being part of a joyful experience, and for supporting my foray into the art world. If you have yet to visit my site, I’d be grateful if you could. Special thank you to The University of Toronto, MIT, and Cornell University, whose instructors and classmates helped inspire and direct me in the development of this website from the ground up, after I returned to school in November 2015.

I have yet to sell a photograph but have placed the sale or commissioning of my art much lower on the priority scale than giving a photograph away to the right home, or generating income from a sale for a humanitarian cause. Please feel free to ask for the rights to my work, if you’d like. If you’d like to provide some kind of payment, a donation to a worthy charity would be the most meaningful thing for me.


J. Ben Greisman


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